We believe in progressive ideals: among them, Civil Liberties for all Americans (not just a privileged few), protecting our environment and our climate from dangerous practices, income equality and healthcare for everyone, and Equal Rights for everyone. We do not believe in bullying, bigotry, hatred, violence, or unethical acts.

  • Everyone in the greater Augusta, Maine area is welcome and encouraged to join our group, so long as they share our ideals and our plan.
  • We get together to plan and execute actions that will ensure that our elected officials stand up to Trump and his dangerous agenda. These may include showing up at Town Hall meetings or at Senate/House offices, making phone calls, email campaigns, letters to editors. The more people participate in these actions, the more effective they are!
  • We’re not “professional activists”; we’re just people, like you, who don’t want to stand idly by and watch Trump and his administration destroy years of progress. You have more power than you think. Contact us and help us resist.