This Congresswoman wouldn’t hold a town hall…

…so her constituents set one up for her!

When Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, of NY’s 21st District, disregarded numerous calls from her constituents asking her to hold a town hall meeting, voters in her district took matters into their own hands to arrange one for her! Their press release reads:

The people of NY 21’s Congressional District have repeatedly attempted to obtain a commitment from Rep Elise Stefanik to hold a Town Hall meeting, or a meeting of a small number of constituents at a time, with no success. Therefore, citizens have worked together to organize a Town Hall meeting and invited Congresswoman Stefanik to take part in a discussion of issues of vital importance to her constituents. 
The Town Hall Meeting will be Wednesday, February 22nd at 4PM at Crandall Library, Glens Falls, NY. Constituents will be welcome to pose questions to Congresswoman Stefanik; if the Congresswoman doesn’t attend, the people will still be welcomed to ask questions to be videotaped and sent to Ms. Stefanik, the press and social media.
This town hall is truly a grassroots effort. It is not  being sponsored by any political party or activist group. It is being sponsored by constituents of NY-21.
Punctuating their plans is the magnificent flyer that went up:
Have you seen my Congresswoman?
[photo of Stefanik]
-Answers to name of Elise Stefanik
-Comes when called by the Koch Brothers
-Leery of constituents, especially Town Halls
Please call the number below!
[tearsheets with the number to her office]
What a brilliant way to get the attention, both of the Congresswoman’s staff, and of nearby voters!  I’ll add this to my graphic toolbox…
Keep Resisting!

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