Women’s Rally 1/21: The Resistance Was There!

“I” and “L” were at today’s rally at the State House, handing out leaflets. If we met you there: HI! Glad to see you again! Here are some pictures from today:

Approaching the Capitol building from the Sewall St. side, tons of people were already filtering in.
The Sewall St. side of the rally. The stage was around the corner to the left. People were so packed in it was hard to see or hear.


The energy in the air was palpable. It was heartening to see people– so MANY people– standing together in opposition to hate, bullying, science denial, and the list too long to list of dangers a Trump administration means to us.

A bored police officer taking a cigarette break.

There were no clashes, no brawls, nothing of the sort. Just people united with a common goal.

Remember, you’re not alone in your concern or your worry. There are LOTS of people who agree with you. Join with us and together we’ll make sure your voice is heard. As I was saying to one person there: if one person says “This is not okay” in a crowd, they may not be heard. But when numerous people say it, together, at the same time, it’s harder to ignore.

Add your voice! Join our group today!

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