Notes from our 1/17 meeting

A handful of us couldn’t make the meeting tonight, but we did have four people, and once again, we shared a large plain cheese pizza.

First on the agenda was welcoming new members to the group. “R” from “just up the street” came along for the first time. We had already gotten word that “JC” couldn’t make it.

Next we went over news since our last meeting. The website is up, we’re at Indivisible Guide, and emails are trickling in from there. New to the list is “P” from Chelsea and “JH” from Augusta, who hope to join us at meetings and for actions in the future.

Next we discussed actions for the coming week. “L” will design a leaflet, and I and R will print 300 of them out, to hand out at Saturday’s rally at the State House. We hope that these, and signage utilizing the capital letter Omega, will increase our numbers by attracting more new people. We will contact a list of five Republican Senators (names and numbers to follow) regarding the repeal of ACA, to thank them for continuing to stand against the repeal (we did discuss, however, that Collins has been good at talking a moderate game before while voting contrary to her words in public. We plan to let her know that we’ve got our eyes on her and how she will vote). We will call Congresswoman Pingree to thank her for rallying in support of ACA. We will contact Senator Collins and Senator King in hopes that they will deny Trump’s choice for head of the EPA. (Specific actions will be posted in separate posts and emails).

We discussed volunteer positions that need filling. “I” volunteered to get the ball rolling as Social Media contact, and will start up a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for Augusta Resistance. He adds that if anyone wants to take over, that he’s willing to let them. “R” volunteered to get information from an online app/service for coordinating actions. “I” and “L” will be in touch to make sure updates on the website show up on FB and Twitter, and that the Twitter feed will be visible at the website.

We’re also pleased to announce that a similar Indivisible-affiliated group may be starting up in the Bangor area soon.

We adjourned at about 7:30, and enjoyed pizza and conversation, and agreed to meet regularly on Tuesdays at the same location. We also unanimously agreed that “JC” will buy the next pizza.

If you want to join our meetings, please sign up here to join our list for date, time, and location.

Keep Resisting!

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