Notes from our Meeting, 1/10/17

Four of us met on Tuesday, 1/10/17, for our first meeting. We introduced ourselves and split a large cheese pizza.

  • We agreed on “Augusta Resistance” for our name.
  • We agreed to register at (done!)
  • One member volunteered to create a Google doc spreadsheet of Maine’s state Legislators, their party, their contact info, and their rating by the Maine Conservation Voters
  • One member committed to calling the offices of Senators King and Collins on a weekly basis, to find out when they would hold Town Halls.
  • One member volunteered to make a website (hi!) on WordPress
  • One member agreed to help actively recruit more members (which, indeed, we will all do).
  • We discussed handing out leaflets at the Women’s March on Augusta on 1/21. At least one of our members will be in DC on that day!

We discussed the importance of organized action, but of not starting too big too soon. We also reiterated the importance of ethical standards of behavior, and discussed why this is important to us.

Before adjourning, we agreed to meet next week (1/17) at a private residence.

Can you join us for our next meeting?

Send an email to if you’re interested in standing up and resisting the Trump agenda!


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